Teacher Spotlight
Teacher SpotlightCongratulations to our Teacher Spotlight of the week, Vielma Martinez from Koennecke Elementary!


1. Describe your teaching career at Seguin ISD.


I am proud to say that I was able to come back and be a teacher at a district that opened its door when I first arrived in the United States. I started working at this amazing campus, Koennecke Elementary, in August 2018. I was hired as the first Dual Language cohort Spanish kindergarten teacher. The administration and staff from Koennecke embraced and welcomed me with professionalism and care. I am very passionate about teaching and being able to cultivate the minds of the students and inspire them to be good citizens. To me, being a teacher is not only about academics, it extends further down to building friendships, memories, and learning from one another.


2. How do you instill rigor and relevance in your classroom?


I instill rigor and relevance inside of my classroom by encouraging high-level questions with real-life examples. The students take ownership of their work and learning through active participation, powerful conversations, and becoming responsible for their own learning. I stand by the motto that students are little teachers and can do everything and anything. Students work in collaboration with their peers and take charge of teaching a second language (Spanish/ English) to their peers.


3. As an educator, you cultivate, inspire and empower. What does this mean to you?


As the passionate teacher that I am, cultivating little minds means to prepare them for the real world and their future. I inspire my students to be independent, hardworking, critical thinkers, problem solvers, having good manners, and caring for one another. Lastly, to empower students to believe that they can do it: ¡si se puede! As an educator, this is important because it means that students are prepared for what the future holds. I plant the seed, and watch them grow and flourish into great students.