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Digital Resources for Parents

10 camps


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Teachers, do you want parents to keep the learning going over the summer? Send some of this information home with your students or give them the link to this blog post so they can check out online summer camp opportunities to continue the learning this summer. Most are free and some are fee-based. 

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Summer Learning With Seesaw

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Check out these resources from the Seesaw Lessons Library to help you end the school year strong and keep learning all summer!


Extending learning beyond the classroom, Istation Home for reading gives students an opportunity to work on instructional exercises, educational activities, and assignments. Students can access interactive lessons that will adapt to your child's progress. A teacher can assign activities based on each child’s ISIP results and overall monthly progress to provide a personalized reading instructional pathway. Students can engage in activities to strengthen their decoding, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension skills. Istation provides a parent portal, parent support, and FAQ page to ensure families have the support needed for their child to have a successful experience at home!


myON K-8th

Did you know that Increasing students’ access to reading materials can increase reading engagement and impact reading growth? With myON, students have access to thousands of digital books! MyON is a digital choice library resource provided to students in Seguin ISD to support their independent reading. myON is a student-centered, digital library with more than 7,000 digital books! Titles are matched to each individual student’s interests, grade, and reading level. Combined with a toolbox of close reading tools and embedded supports, myON helps build student achievement. myON gives all students an equal opportunity to read and grow with a library’s worth of digital books. Students who read authentic texts at the just-right level enjoy reading more. Empower students to read more with the right reading support, when they need it.

FRECKLE 6th-8th

Freckle is a TEKS-aligned program that correlates to the Renaissance screener that each middle campus delivers. Freckle utilizes the data to set students at a grade equivalency level and on an adaptive track. Freckle also allows the teachers to assign lessons based on specific TEKS. Freckle provides support through instructional video lessons and opportunities for extra practice with the skills. Freckle can be accessed during the school day, the Grow block on Fridays, after school at ACE, or at home using ClassLink.

SORA 6th-8th

At the middle school level, students can read novels through a library check- out system, and their novels are utilized in class and assigned for homework. The Sora student reading app is a state-of-the-art reading experience that allows SISD 6-8 students to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from their school’s digital collection. Students can read for pleasure on smartphones, tablets, and desktops and complete assigned reading anytime, anywhere. Sora offers interactive and customizable features such as bookmarks, definitions, exportable notes and highlights, synced progress, and corresponding badges and achievements to make reading easier and more enjoyable. The most groundbreaking Sora feature is the ability to connect students with their local public library. This expands access to even more age-appropriate digital reading materials, including popular titles that may not be available through the school.
imagine math


Imagine Math® combines a rich curriculum with fun, adaptive digital experiences to help students be confident math learners. Ideal as a supplement to standards-based PreK–Geometry core instruction, its two age-appropriate learning environments are designed for student engagement. In PreK–2, a storybook reality helps learners see math in the world all around them. In Grades 3 and above, students are invited to a meaningful exploration of mathematical understanding. Rigorous, standards-rich content adapts to the unique needs of each learner to develop the essential foundations and conceptual understanding they need to achieve grade-level mastery. Unique to Imagine Math, point-of-need access to certified Live Teachers makes deep learning beyond the bell a reality. Regular use of the Imagine Math program appears to be associated with substantial increases in math proficiency as measured by increases in Quantile® scores between Imagine Math benchmark administrations. Increasing use of the program was associated with respective increases in Quantile® score growth. Further, the benefits of the Imagine Math program appear to be particularly relevant for students who are performing one or more levels below grade level.


Zearn is the top-rated math learning platform that helps kids explore concepts, discover meaning, and make sense of math. Our best-in-class math lessons are used by millions of kids around the country and we use the billions of data points from those lessons to continuously improve our curriculum and inform the field. We believe that every student can love learning math — and we’re on a mission to help every child realize their potential. Zearn’s K-8 math program, Zearn Math, is designed by teachers to be an engaging and accessible math learning experience for all kids. It offers frequent checks for understanding, interactive visuals to keep lessons fun and entertaining, and precise feedback at the exact moment a student begins to struggle. Our lessons ensure students only continue to new lessons after they have demonstrated an understanding of a concept. This research-proven approach makes math concepts accessible and fosters deep understanding. Our materials can be used flexibly during core instruction, summer learning programs, and math tutoring programs.

MATHIA Grade 6-Algebra 1

MATHia is a math teaching and learning software, so students are able to pace ahead, even if it is content not yet taught in the classroom. It is specifically designed for students to learn independently. Its 1-to-1 coaching technology adapts to give students exactly what they need at any given moment, so they can still make progress on class goals while school is not in session. MATHia constantly provides personalized feedback and instruction for every student. Problem-specific guidance and teaching hints are also available to make sure students don’t get stuck on a problem. It’s like giving your student his/her own personal tutor.

Texas Assessment Resources

Learn more about state assessments and find resources for your child.

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