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Seguin ISD Destination Imagination
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Destination Imagination is an international creative and critical thinking program, which reinforces skills essential for the 21st century.


Educational Goals of Destination Imagination: Foster creative and critical thinking.
  • Learn to apply Creative & Critical Problem Solving methods and tools.
  • Develop teamwork, collaboration, and leadership skills.
  • Nurture research and inquiry skills.
  • Enhance and apply communication and presentation skills.
  • Encourage competence in, enthusiasm for, and commitment to real-life problem solving.


These are the skills that our children will need to compete for 21st century jobs.

A Creative & Critical Thinking
Global Academic Competition



Seguin ISD is a recognized power at the WORLD level.

Since 2004 SISD has sent 31 teams to the five day Global Competition at the
University of Tennessee.



in the top three TEN times – 32%
in the top five TWELVE times – 39%
in the top ten TWENTY times – 65%
in the top 15 TWENTY - FIVE times – 81%


The teams compete against 50 to 100 + teams in EACH challenge from
around the world, including teams from China, South Korea, Canada,
Mexico, England, Brazil, Poland, Turkey. Japan, Qatar and Singapore to
name a few.

Creativity & Critical Thinking Competition Co-coordinator

Michael Olstad
Seguin Independent School District