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Human Resources

Grievance Process

If an informal conference regarding a complaint fails to reach the outcome requested by the student or parent, the student or parent may initiate the formal process described in the following policies:

Employee Policy


DGBA (Legal)

DGBA (Local)


Parent / Student Policy


FNG (Legal)

FNG (Local)

Public Policy


GF (Legal)

GF (Local)

Employee Grievance Forms


Employee Level 1
English | Spanish


Employee Level 2
English | Spanish


Employee Level 3
English | Spanish

Parent / Student Grievance Forms


Parent Student Level
English | Spanish


Parent Student Level 2
English | Spanish


Parent Student Level 3
English | Spanish

Public Grievance Forms


Public Level 1
English | Spanish


Public Level 2
English | Spanish


Public Level 3
English | Spanish

After initiating the formal complaint process, students and parents are encouraged to seek informal resolution of their concerns, and they may withdraw a formal complaint at any time if a resolution has been reached.
Neither the Board nor any District employee shall unlawfully retaliate against any student or parent for bringing a concern or complaint.