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Jennifer Raske Martinez, CTSBO, Purchasing Coordinator/Risk Manager
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The district, in accordance with state law, provides workers’ compensation benefits to employees who suffer a work-related illness or are injured on-the-job. Benefits help pay for medical treatment and make up for part of the income lost while recovering. Specific benefits are prescribed by law depending on the circumstances of each case. All work-related accidents or injuries must be reported immediately to the supervisor. Employees who are unable to work due to a work-related injury will be notified of the rights and responsibilities under the Texas Labor Code.

What to Do When Injured On-the Job:

Due to the State of Texas requirements for punctual reporting of on-the-job injuries and work-related illnesses, it is imperative that such incidents be reported promptly and accurately.  Failure to report may result in denial of payment for medical treatment and/or temporary income benefits (TIBs).


In case of an emergency, you are allowed to go directly to the nearest emergency room.  The Supervisor/Secretary will immediately notify the Risk Manager in the Business Department.  The Employee's First Report of Injury should be completed and turned in as soon as possible by the employee.

1.  Click on the link below to access the Employee's First Report of Injury.
2.  Fill in all the requested information completely and accurately.
3.  Print the form.
4.  Sign the form on the Employee's Signature line.
5.  Turn the completed and signed form into your Supervisor.

Employee's First Report of Injury

If you require medical attention (non emergency), you must complete and sign the Employee's First Report of Injury.  You must turn in the completed and signed form to your Supervisor and inform your Supervisor of your need to seek medical attention.  After your Supervisor has been informed, you must come to the Risk Manager’s office in the Business Department to pick up the medical authorization paperwork.  Skipping this step in the process could jeopardize your medical benefits and/or temporary income benefits.

You have the right to choose the treating doctor for medical treatment; however, the doctor must treat workers’ comp injuries and be in the Alliance network (  If you see a doctor that does not treat workers’ comp or is not in the Alliance network, you will be responsible for payment of medical services.

List of Local Alliance Network Providers
If you do not require medical attention, you must complete the Employee's First Report of Injury and turn the completed and signed form into your Supervisor.

What Is Expected When You Seek Medical Treatment:

The doctor will evaluate the injured body part to determine treatment options.  You will be given a work status report (DWC Form-73) during your checkout process.  It is your responsibility to make sure a copy of the work status report is received by the Risk Manager prior to returning to work.  The work status report will indicate whether the treating doctor will allow you to return to work.  The form includes the following statements:

Part II Work Status Information
13.   The injured employee’s medical condition resulting from the workers’ compensation injury:
(a)  will allow the employee to return to work as of _________________ (date) without restrictions
(b)  will allow the employee to return to work as of _________________ (date) with the restrictions identified in Part III,  which are expected to last through ______________ (date).
(c)  is such that the employee is/has been restricted from all work as of _____________ (date) which is expected to last  through _________________ (date).  The following describes how this injury prevents the employee from returning to work:__________________________________________________________________________________

If the treating doctor selects (a), you may return to work with no other action, besides making sure the Risk Manager has a copy of the form and attending any follow-up appointments. The follow-up appointments are required, not elective.

If the treating doctor selects (b), you will be required to sign a Bona Fide Offer of Employment (BFOE), which will be provided only if your supervisor can accommodate the identified restrictions. The BFOE will be prepared by the Risk Manager and made available to you after the approval from the supervisor. You may work in a modified duty position only when the BFOE is accepted, signed and returned to the Risk Manager. The District's board policy states you can only be on modified duty for a maximum of 60 days with no improvement.