Upcoming Board Meeting

The Seguin ISD Board of Trustees will be hosting a regular board meeting on September 21st. You can find the agenda at the link below:


September 21st - Regular Board Meeting


Matador Mariachi excels at All-Region

Matador MariachiFifteen Seguin High School mariachi students earned All-Region status after competing in the Region 20 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) All-Region Mariachi Ensemble on Sept. 13.

This represents the highest number of All-Region performers in the history of the Matador Mariachi program.

Seguin High School All-Region trumpet musicians include Eric Gonzalez, first chair, Benjamin Martinez, second chair and Isabella Guerra, third chair.

In violin, Taytum Rangel took second chair along with Gerardo Cortez, third chair, Isaiah Juarez, fourth chair, Camila Beltran, sixth chair, Jenny Cisneros, seventh chair and Brianna Martinez, eighth chair.

Roland Medina earned second chair in Vihuela.

In guitar, Eduardo Barrera was first chair and Angel Salazar, second chair.

Abel Davila took first chair for guitarra de golpe.

First chair guitarron went to Moises Estrada while Jose Rodriguez took second chair.

Overall, 30 Matador Mariachi students prepared and auditioned. The Seguin High School mariachi program is under the direction of Rafael Alarcon.

COVID 19 Update - Board of Trustees

The Seguin ISD Board of Trustees held a special meeting on Thursday, Sept. 9 for a Covid update and to learn more about the Covid planning process. Dr. Gutierrez discussed safety protocols, current numbers and trends and a new staging system to determine how classrooms or campuses would temporarily close, if needed, based on positivity rates.


See Dr. Gutierrez's meeting summary, learn more about how campuses will be managed through the pandemic, and see the new Covid dashboard at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1vvsk7zGns.


La Mesa Directiva de Seguin ISD celebró una reunión especial el jueves 9 de septiembre para una actualización de Covid y para aprender más sobre el proceso de planificación de Covid. El Dr. Gutiérrez discutió los protocolos de seguridad, los números y tendencias actuales y un nuevo sistema de estadificación para determinar cómo las aulas o los campus cerrarían temporalmente, si fuera necesario, en función de las tasas de positividad.


Vea el resumen de la reunión del Dr. Gutiérrez, obtenga más información sobre cómo se administrarán los campus durante la pandemia y vea el nuevo panel de Covid en https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1vvsk7zGns.

Upcoming Board Meeting

The Seguin ISD Board of Trustees will be hosting a special board meeting on September 9th. You can find the agenda at the link below:


September 9th - Special Board Meeting


A message from Dr. Gutierrez

We are at a critical point due to the increasing COVID cases we are seeing in our school and community. The threat of a school or district closure becomes increasingly real each day with the possibility of not having enough staff to support educating our students. Our students are not immune to COVID slide, and they need to be in our classrooms everyday.


During the 2020-2021 school year, we had a total of 238 positive student COVID cases and 108 positive staff COVID cases. As of today, we have had a total of 147 positive student COVID cases and 23 positive staff cases. If trends continue as they have in the past few weeks, we will surpass last year’s total cases in the coming days. Masks were mandated last school year, and I firmly believe that they made the difference.


I hear from those demanding we defy the Governor’s orders and those demanding we not defy the Governor on a daily basis. There is no consensus regarding masks, and last year’s survey data was no different than the current sentiments.


We must all make choices, and I understand that we will all never be on the same page. However, there is so much at stake here when the possibility of school closure is imminent. When a closure takes place we must make up the lost instructional minutes by reducing holidays such as Thanksgiving, Spring Break, teacher half-days, or Summer Break. These changes are disruptive to plans that are already in place and are difficult on teachers.


Wearing a mask is oftentimes uncomfortable, especially during these hot and humid days, but they can make the difference to ensure our schools remain open and safe. I am writing this to encourage you to consider wearing a mask or sending your child to school with a mask. I believe that all of us want our students in school.


Seguin ISD will do everything we can to stop the spread of COVID, and we ask you as families to do your part as well. Together we can change current trends and get back to a sense of normalcy.


Dr. Matthew Gutierrez
Seguin ISD Superintendent