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Transportation Department
Ridership Eligibility

  • Two-or-more-mile students: those who resides two or more miles from their campus of regular attendance, measured along the shortest route that may be traveled on public roads

  • Special needs students: those special education students with a qualifying disability or impairment requiring special transportation as a necessary related service to access or benefit from their educational program and necessary supportive services

  • Hazardous-area students: those students who reside in designated hazardous areas within two miles of their campus of regular attendance Students are allowed one address for pick-up and drop-off, AM and PM.

  • Students are allowed to board and leave the bus only at their designated stops, unless written instruction to do otherwise is given.

  • If a student misses the bus it is the responsibility of the parent to transport the student.

  • When a student does not ride the bus for three (3) consecutive days, parents must notify the transportation office. This will ensure continued, uninterrupted service.

  • For Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students , a parent or guardian must be present at the drop-off point; children will not be left unattended.