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Transportation Department
Bus Referrals - En español
Transportation is a privilege. Students being transported in school-owned vehicles shall comply with the Student Code of Conduct. Any student who fails to comply with the code or established rules of conduct while on school transportation shall be subject to disciplinary action, and transportation services may be restricted or denied. However the ARD or Section 504 committee may take transportation privileges away from a student with disabilities only if transportation is not determined necessary as a related service or modification. A change in transportation service for a student with disabilities for whom transportation services for Section 504 students requires Section 504 committee action.

During a regular route, upon receipt of a bus referral or conduct report, the Transportation discipline office will review/investigate the offense and administer the disciplinary action deemed necessary. Suspension for bus riding privileges may occur depending on the severity of the infraction or the continued violation of school bus rules. A school bus incident report will then be sent home with the student. It will be the student's responsibility to make sure parents receive any and all notices or referrals.

Violations of the rules will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Violations of the following rules may necessitate immediate suspension of transportation privileges as well as campus disciplinary actions. Length of suspension and/or further disciplinary actions will be determined by the campus principal, with input from the Transportation Office. The suspension applies to all buses .

1. Using or possessing alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

2. Deliberately disregarding the safety of the driver and/or other passenger(s).

3. Destruction of property (ie., vandalizing the bus).

4. Possessing firearms, knives, clubs, or other dangerous objects.

5. Verbal or physical harassment of the driver and/or other passenger(s).

6. Verbal or physical threat to the river and/or other passenger(s).

7. Fighting on the bus.

8. Activities relating to gangs, secret societies, fraternities, and/or sororities.