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  • 1005 E Seidemann St.
    Seguin, TX 78155
    (830) 401-1205
Transportation Department
Propane Buses
In 2008 Seguin went green. After a year of research the Director of Transportation, James Pizana, made the decision to purchase 21 propane buses for Seguin ISD. At the time of the purchase the Texas Railroad Commission was offering Grant money for school districts purchasing propane buses. Seguin received a 303,000.00 reimbursement from The Texas Railroad Commission. We also receive a $.50 per gallon fuel reimbursement from the IRS. With the $.50 reimbursement from the IRS the cost of propane averages $1.30 a gallon. The cost savings is approximately $50,000.00 a year in propane fuel. There is also a savings in the preventative maintenance of each vehicle. Propane is a clean burning fuel. Propane buses burn less oil which means fewer oil and oil filter changes per bus per year. Since 2008 the Transportation Department has purchased 5 more propane buses.