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Business Services - Employee Assistance Program

Seguin ISD provides a counseling service through the Guadalupe Regional Teddy Buerger Center to employees at no cost to the employee. This confidential service can be contacted on a 24/7 basis at (830) 401-1367 or (800) 246-1010.


Employee Assistance Program FAQ


What services are covered under the EAP?

  • The EAP offers a 24 hour, 7 day a week help line staffed by licensed practitioners. The EAP help line number is (830) 401-1367 or (800) 246-1010
  • The EAP offers individual, marital, and family counseling
  • Crisis Intervention services, including immediate on-site group or individual sessions
  • Supervisor/Manager training


What kinds of problems are addressed by the EAP?

Some of the problems addressed in the counseling setting include: Depression, grief, anxiety, marital problems, behavioral problems, stress management, parenting, domestic violence, substance abuse, anger management, and crisis intervention.


Are the EAP services confidential?

EAP sessions are completely confidential. Employers only receive utilization data (e.g., number of employees using services, gender). The only exceptions include information pertaining to suicidal or homicidal behavior and child or elder abuse and neglect, which our counselors are obligated by law to report. Supervisor generated referrals require the employee’s consent for release of information.


How do I schedule a session?

To schedule a session, simply call (830) 401-1367 or (800) 246-1010 and a counselor will assist you in scheduling an appointment. There is no insurance paperwork to complete and no fee charged to the employee.


How do I know if I should call my EAP for help with a problem?

If you are thinking of calling, then call. Putting off or neglecting to address a problem, no matter how small, may only make that problem more difficult to resolve. No problem is too small.


Do I only get six sessions per year?

No, the EAP benefit allows employees and dependents six sessions per problem per year. For example, if an employee attends six sessions to address work related issues and later encounters a problem with stress that results in depression, the employee or dependents can return to address this second and separate issue.


Are all counselors qualified?

Yes, each counselor on the EAP network is licenses by the State of Texas and possesses a Master’s or Doctoral Degree.


What if I am not comfortable with my counselor and would like a different counselor?

Simply call (830) 401-1367 or (800) 246-1010 and request a different counselor. Everyone is unique and preferences and comfort levels differ from person to person. The goal of the EAP is to provide you the help you need and we will do whatever is necessary to provide you with a therapist that you are comfortable with.