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Transparency Star Award Debt Obligations
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Debt Obligations

The Seguin ISD Business Department is responsible for preparing financial reports and debt information that promote transparency and accountability.

For the general obligation bonds, the District has pledged as collateral the proceeds of a continuing, direct annual tax levied against taxable property within the District without limitation as to rate. The Texas Education Code generally prohibits issuance of additional ad valorem tax bonds if the tax rate needed to pay aggregate principal and interest amounts of the District's tax bond indebtedness exceeds $0.50 per $100 of assessed valuation of taxable property within the District.

Tax-supported bonds are payable solely from future revenues of the Debt Service Fund. The Debt Service Fund accounts for the resources accumulated and payments made for principal and interest on long-term general obligation debt of governmental funds.  The primary revenue source is local ad valorem property taxes levied specifically for debt service.  Revenue-supported bonds are payable from revenues of the General Fund.  The General Fund accounts for revenues from local maintenance taxes (M&O), other local sources, foundation entitlements, and other Foundation School Program sources.