Hispanic Heritage - Sam Flores

Sam Flores


Seguin ISD Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


Sam Flores devoted 36 years of his life to the Seguin City Council and most of his life serving others. Mr. Flores was born in San Marcos during the Roaring Twenties, but grew up during the difficult years of the Great Depression. A young Flores soon learned the value of hard work as the middle child of seven raised during this trying time. As soon as he was physically capable of manual labor, Flores was thrust into the life of an adult migrant worker, traveling from California to Minnesota as the seasons changed. When only 17, he dropped out of school to join the Marines. His six year career was distinguished and included serving as a Platoon Sergeant in the Korean War and aiding in the evacuation of Shanghai by Americans during the communist revolution in China.


After finishing his time with the Marines, Flores continued his formal education and earned a degree in education from Southwest Texas State University in 1955. Four years later he had earned his Master’s degree in school administration, was married to Velia Flores, and moved to her hometown of Seguin. For the next 35 years, Flores was employed at Harlandale ISD in San Antonio. He taught regular and special education classes to elementary and secondary school students. He distinguished himself as the first Hispanic principal at Harlandale.


He then became the Director for Special Education for six school districts. Even after this extensive career, Mr. Flores, knowing the value of education, worked at Seguin ISD as an attendance officer. Flores did not limit himself to his teaching vocation, but also took an active interest in other aspects of the community. Flores helped others. And it was both the small and large things that made an impact--everything from helping a single mother fill out a college application to working for the Seguin Housing Authority, from assisting an elderly widow with her Social Security to helping establish the Seguin Boys Club.


Sam Flores is remembered for his work to build a new Seguin Post Office, establishing the Health Unit Project, and providing the leadership needed to complete the Walnut Creek flood project. He was also known for fighting against discrimination. During the 60s he helped form the Seguin Biracial Committee that successfully helped to end discrimination in public places in our community. Flores worked hard to expand cultural understanding and helped to develop Texas Lutheran University's Mexican American Studies program. The contributions made by Flores to Seguin are felt by all Seguin citizens. His tremendous work and accomplishments are inspiring and his example of sincere dedication to others is a blueprint for all to follow.