Seguin Early College High School Alumnus Spotlight

Michael GrandysMichael Grandys is currently attending Texas State University and studying toward a BBA in Economics. He has shared the following insight into his Early College High School (ECHS) experience at Seguin High School.


What type of impact did ECHS have on your current role as a college student?


It's amazing to say that I'm already a college graduate. ECHS created a great foundation for my post-secondary education. With my associate degree and all the classes I've taken, it has allowed me to easily transition into university life. In ECHS the rigor of classes and the extra support from teachers and programs like avid has allowed students to succeed. ECHS programming also taught essential skills and knowledge for our post-secondary plans.


What was one of the most valuable lessons you learned as a Seguin ECHS student?


A lesson I learned while going through the program was that you are in control of your own destiny and what you do. Yes, our teachers encouraged us to do our work in order to pass but a lot of it was for us to decide. We were responsible for managing our own time with assignments and homework in a lot of classes. I believe this taught me a fundamental skill that many incoming college students lack: responsibility.


If applicable, describe an inspirational moment or person during your time as an ECHS student?


Not applicable, but this is just a shoutout to all the people that made this happen. Mrs. Garza, head of ECHS, always seemed so passionate about what she was accomplishing. Ms. Garza, my Algebra II teacher, wasn't afraid to give me the grade I deserved and taught me things aren't given but earned. Mrs. Spahn, my AVID teacher, reminded me that it is possible to smile every day and be hyped for TRFs. Mr. Womack, DC history, is the teacher of many real life important lessons. Ms. Saunders, DC ENG, is the most caring teacher there is. Ms. Schneebeli, DC Psychology, know that the passion you feel about what you're talking about is felt by every student. Ms. Shepp, Physics, thank you for dealing with my non-existent frontal lobe and senioritis. Ms. Brena, Geometry and college Algebra, I'm not sure how you dealt with me freshman year with my voice, LOL. Ms. Austin, counselor, thank you for your contagious positivity and help with everything. Mrs. Pumphrey, Journalism, thank you for every lesson you taught me with and without a camera. Mr. Keddal, poet of another generation, I kid you not, your lectures and prompts helped me last semester on an ethics and society essay. Thank you Mr. Temel for inspiring my love for Economics. Thank you to Mr. Esquivel and Mr. Diaz and to all the people at Seguin High School that I didn't name. You all tremendously influenced me and every other ECHS student today.


What advice do you have for current ECHS students?


Keep grinding. The frustration you feel about an assignment that you don't want to do won't be felt two years from now. To be honest, you won't care about it two weeks later. It's important to recognize the end goal and the importance of completing each assignment.


If you could give current 8th graders insight to the benefits of being an ECHS student, what would you say?


College is expensive. Two years worth is a lot of money. You also get to save two years of your life. That is invaluable.


What is your long term goal after you finish your degree?


Financial analyst for any firm. Helping companies make business decisions.