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Information Systems and Instructional Technology
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The following are online tools and resources that have been reviewed and are recommended for student use.  Seguin ISD Digital Learning Services makes every effort to ensure that all of the resources listed are active. If you discover an inactive link or have a resource that you feel should be added to this page, please contact  Randy Rodgers .
  Digital Storytelling
  Put images, video clips, and 
text to music. Result is a very
slick, professional-looking
video story.
  Site features a wide range of 
math lessons and activities 
from elementary to secondary. 

Create beautiful graphic novels
(comics) using a fun and
feature-packed click-and-drag
    Fun math games using a variety
of skills in the context of a variety
of silly stories.

Create beautiful, online presenta-
tions, including virtual, 3D gallery
tours. An eye-catching alternative
to PowerPoint.
Math games, tutorials, flashcards,
homework help, and more through
basic algebra.

Create mock "Facebook" pages
for historical figures, literary 
characters, public figures, etc.
Great alternative to traditional
report formats. 

  Challenge yourself or an online
competitor with these fun, 
math-based games.

Create and play back stories
as animated streams of text. 
Great tool for depicting
character dialogues. 

    Huge collection of Flash-based 
math games, tutorials, parent/
teacher resources, and more.

Online slideshow creator that
includes a helpful image search
tool by keyword. Also has a very
useful companion mobile app to
create on the go.

    Collection of math tutorials,
games, online calculators, and
other tools. 

Engaging writing and sharing site, 
allows students to add photos, 
drawings (via built-in tool), voice, &
more to digital stories.
    Great collection of tutorial videos
primarily targeting middle and
high school math courses. Includes
Spanish versions of the lessons.

Create striking, dynamically 
animated stories and presentations
and share online.
    Simple, fun games for elementary
students covering topics such as
number sense, time, odd/even, 
basic algebra, and more.
Make & share online "books" 
using spectacular illustrations 
from professional artists.

  Create beautiful digital 
stories using images, 
text, and recorded narration.
Visitors can leave audio 
comments, too! 
Fun site lets users create 
animated movies using a variety 
of scenes, props, sounds, 
characters, and more.
  Create virtual pop-up books 
online, then use the Zooburst 
app to view the results in 3D! 
Flash-based tool for creating &
sharing simple concept maps
  Videos, games, quizzes and more
on a variety of science
Pretty advanced set of tools 
for creating and sharing online
mindmaps, diagrams, flow-
charts, etc. Can collaborate 
with up to 15 users.
  Explanations of a wide range of 
topics in areas including science,
health, lifestyle, entertainment, and
much more.
Online tool for creating flow-
charts, diagrams, concept
maps, and more. 
  Collection of science links and
resources from the US government.  
Create beautiful, online info-
graphics using a click-and-drag
interface with many options.
    Official site of NASA, includes wide
variety of news stories, features,
videos, images, and much more. 
Create free online mind maps &
collaborate by sharing links with
other users.
  NASA's collection of videos, games,
news, plus resources for teachers
and parents.
Another drag-and-drop to ol for
creating beautiful infographics 
    Videos, tutorials, and activities 
related to motion, light, electricity, 
& other physics concepts.
Very easy-to-learn concept
mapping tool that integrates
with Google Drive.   
  Useful interactive period table of
the elements. 
Another useful sight with lots of
tools for creating colorful
    Useful site for selecting or
planning a science project.
Includes a wizard that points
users to the right project. 

      Great site for astronomy news,
facts, images, videos, and more.
  Social Studies
  The historical features and 
articles of the BBC. Great way
to get a different perspective
on key moments in history.
    Powerful, easy-to-learn web-based
3D design tool.  
  Huge collection of data and 
statistics about every nation on
earth from the  Central
Intelligence Agency.
    Another powerful but easily learned
3D design tool. Free download for
PC, Mac, or Ipad. 
Interactive globe and maps with
a plethora of data, including
geology, environment, politics,
climate, and much more.
    Site with a variety of games,
lessons, and activities to teach 
students the basics of computer
Very entertaining and
educational series of history
videos by social studies teacher
Keith Hughes. 
    Free downloadable software that
lets students create virtual Lego
models, including robot designs. 
  Great collection of videos,
articles, activities, and more
from the History Channel. 
    Web-based tool created at MIT
allows students to create Android
mobile apps and market them
through the Google Play store. 

Official site of the government
of the state of Texas. 
    Online tool teaches students
basics of coding via click-and-drag
interface. Social aspect allows
sharing of projects with global
audience of young coders. 
  Source for all things Texas,
including government, sports,
education, environment,
business/industry, and more. 
    Free, downloadable tool for 3D
  Official portal to the online
resources of the US
government, including links
to the president's and US
Congress's sites.
    Site teaches students coding basics
in a fun interface; includes useful
classroom management tools for
Fine Arts
  Free download is a powerful
audio recorder, mixer, and
    Fun, educational games, videos, &
more covering a wide range of 
subjects. Student account 
(provided by SISD) required for
full access.
  Easy to use free image editing
    Tools to find and use resources
that have been licensed for re-use
in new projects/products. 
  Online image creation and photo
editing tool that has many
features similar to Photoshop,
only for free! 
    Online dictionary, word games,
word histories, and more. 
  Free, online drawing and photo
editing tools; very much 
resembles a scaled-down
version of Photoshop. No 
registration required.
  Site lets users save and share
bookmarks online. Create study
groups and create bookmark lists
  Fun, free drawing/painting tool
with a nice variety of textures &
brushes & no registration 
required to download resulting
    Powerful note-taking and organizing
tools, including mobile and desktop
apps, collaborative note-taking, etc.

One of the best online 
drawing tools, with great variety
of brushes, stamps, etc. Also
automatically smooths shaky 
mouse strokes. 
    Tons of facts about a variety of
subjects, including science, people,
history, sports, arts, and more. 

Fantastic, free online music 
creation with over 700 available
loops. Signup required to save
and download. 
  Online instructional videos offering
quick reviews or introductions to
topics such as math, science, art,
economics, and computing. 
  VERY Photoshop-like interface &
features in this free, online 
drawing and photo editing tool. 
No registration required!
    Large selection of YouTube videos
sorted by subject and topic. 
        Very interesting collections of
educational talks and videos from
current innovators, leaders, and
creative types. 
        Online encyclopedia edited and
maintained by global users. 
Blogs, Wikis, & Podcasts        
Easy to use podcasting tool lets
users record podcasts with
one click online or via a
great companion app. 
Excellent blogging site with 
extensive feature set, focused
solely on educational users. 
Perfect for older students.
Very quick and easy tool for
creating websites. Includes
tools for student collaboration.
Part of our district Google Apps.
  Perfect starter platform for
young students and beginner
bloggers; lets teachers create
class site and account to
manage student blogs. 
  Full-featured, general purpose
wiki tool lets users create free,
collaborative website with no
coding or site design experience
  Create and share a free podcast
hosting channel. Upload either
audio or video files and share
with subscribers.
  Powerful audio podcast creation
& hosting tool lets users add
music clips, effect sounds, etc.
Also has a useful companion
  Ultra-simple audio podcast tool.
Just record and share via link
or embed into your website. No
registration needed! 
  Good wiki tool with accounts
and features specifically for
teachers and students.