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Business Services
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How to Become a Seguin ISD Vendor

There are several ways for a business to become a vendor with the Seguin Independent School District shown below.

1) Register to be placed on the bidders lists


a) Register Online by going to the website and completing vendor information


b) Send a request on your company letterhead to: Seguin ISD Purchasing Office 1221 E Kingsbury St, Seguin, TX 78155


c) Drop off your business card with your request at our offices located at 1221 E Kingsbury St, Seguin, TX 78155


When registering, be sure to list the type of goods and/or services you supply. Your company will then be automatically notified when there is a bid opportunity for your goods and/or services.


Vendors who do not respond to three consecutive requests for bid are removed from the bidders list. As long as you respond to bid notices, even if your response is a “NO BID”, you will remain active on the bidders list. Should your business drop off the list, please re- register using the options above.


2) Watch our webpage for available bid opportunities at:


If you see a bid you are interested in, download the bid packet and respond as directed. A response to a bid request will add your company to our bidders list.


3) Watch for Bid Notices printed in The Seguin Gazette for available bid opportunities. If you see a bid request you are interested in, go to our webpage listed in 2) above and complete and submit a bid packet.


4) Become a member of one of the governmental purchasing cooperatives listed below. You will need to register, bid, and be awarded items or services by the cooperative. Joining a cooperative also makes your business available to MANY other school districts statewide that are members of the cooperative. Be sure to notify the District’s purchasing office if you receive a coop award.


Purchasing Cooperatives