Teacher Spotlight

Lydia Robles Teacher SHSThis month's Seguin ISD Teacher Spotlight features Lydia Robles, theatre director/fine arts chair at Seguin High School.


Describe your teaching career at Seguin ISD.

I have taught at Seguin ISD since 2008. My first year was spent at the middle schools and then I moved to the high school as the Technical Theatre Director. In 2014, I stepped into the role of Theatre Director and Fine Arts Department Head at Seguin High School. I also graduated from SHS in 2003, so this is more than a place of work. It really is my home.


How do you instill rigor and relevance in your classroom?

I enjoy creating lessons that are interesting for the students. If I am bored or feel unchallenged, chances are, they feel the same way! Because of our new PAC, we have been able to create more performance opportunities for our students. All Theatre I students perform their very own class play, and graduating Theatre IV students are able to direct their own One Act Plays. I teach my students to reflect and question their creations, pushing them to think of ways that they can improve or heighten their performances.


As an educator, you cultivate, inspire and empower. What does this mean to you?

It's a BIG job and personal reflection helps me to push forward and take risks. I love seeing my students get excited about their work and I love seeing them inspire others. I love being a part of each student's journey. There is a lot of talent here at the High School, and it only happens because these kids push me to give them my best, and in return, their performances are off the charts!



Seguin Early College High School Alumnus Spotlight

ECHS SpotlightKarla Vazquez is currently attending Texas Lutheran University and majoring in Nursing with a minor in Psychology. She has shared the following insight into her Early College High School (ECHS) experience at Seguin High School.


What type of impact did ECHS have on your current role as a college student?

ECHS has put me ahead of other freshmen in terms of graduation year. I am in sophomore and junior level classes and though intimidating, I had previous experience with similar workload and rigor thanks to ECHS. ECHS has made me a desirable applicant to many on-campus positions such as admissions ambassador and student government senator, the reason being it is rare to find a first-year college student with an associate's degree.


What was one of the most valuable lessons you learned as a Seguin ECHS student?

One of the most valuable lessons I learned as a Seguin ECHS student is that putting in the hard work now guarantees that you will continue with the same motivation later because you have already accomplished so much.


If applicable, describe an inspirational moment or person during your time as an ECHS student?

An inspirational person during my time as an ECHS student is Mrs. Ashley Spahn, my precious AVID teacher. She taught me many useful skills for success in college such as study habits, do’s and don'ts, and how to advocate for myself as a new student. She has inspired her students to pursue greatness in everything that they do.


What advice do you have for current ECHS students?

For current ECHS students, work hard every day and take advantage of the resources and educational opportunities that you are provided with. Hard work does pay off and high school graduation is the first step in being great!


If you could give current 8th graders insight to the benefits of being an ECHS student, what would you say?

For 8th graders, ECHS has helped me in more ways than I could count. I have saved two years worth of time and money in college because I chose to work on my college hours during high school. These two years are the equivalent of about $20,000.00 for in-state tuition at a public four-year university. ECHS has made me a competitive applicant to jobs and educational programs as well as scholarships because of the education that I already possess. ECHS has given me long-term friends and great relationships with my teachers because they witnessed the effort that I put forth every day.


What is your long term goal after you finish your degree?

My long term goal after receiving my BSN and becoming a registered nurse is to attend graduate school and receive certification as a family nurse practitioner and work in medically underserved areas around the country and world.

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