Teacher Spotlight

Shantill VannCongratulations to the teacher spotlight of the week Mrs. Shantill Vann from Barnes Middle School.


1. Describe your teaching career at Seguin ISD


I am currently in my 11th year of teaching all of which have been at Jim Barnes Middle School. I teach 8th grade Science and in previous years 7th grade Science, I am also the Department Lead.


2. How do you instill rigor and relevance in your classroom?


Rigor and relevance begin with building relationships, getting to know your students and setting high expectations. My goal is always to create an environment where students feel safe and are allowed to ask questions, explore and or make mistakes. I guide students in thinking critically with probing questions/activities and then I ask them to reflect on their personal experiences thereby making it relevant.


3. As an educator, you cultivate, inspire and empower. What does this mean to you?


As an educator, I have the privilege of working with young people and the opportunity to grow, develop and nurture these students. My teaching extends beyond science to incorporate life lessons. It is very important that my students see themselves not as who they are but who they can become. My job not only allows me to teach, but it also allows me to speak life into students, to plant those seeds that will hopefully lead to successful paths. That is why I do what I do. Everyone deserves to have someone that believes in them.