Board Member Spotlight

Ben AmadorTrustee Spotlight is a monthly feature to showcase our Seguin ISD Board of Trustees. November's trustee is Secretary Ben Amador, District 6 rep. More information on Mr. Amador can be found at


1. How do Seguin ISD Students inspire you?

Young people are our future and our legacy. Their energy and athleticism makes me feel young again and stimulates my brain. Since education helped me to be successful, I want them to get the best education and opportunities we can give them so when they are ready to join the workforce they will do better than us. Success is unbeatable and contagious. We are beginning on our path to success. We have a Board of Trustees that now works together with ONE common goal: success for our students. That is our agenda!


2. What motivates you to serve as a Seguin ISD board member?

My time as a board member has been spent to get the success we are now going to get. Yes, some of our schools are not doing well right now. But we are on a path to that long-sought for goal: student success. With student success comes a better-rated school district. Something this community has been seeking for a long time. I read the obituary of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Fritz. A real tragedy and a tremendous loss to not only his family but to our world. It looked like he and his wife could have helped us with climate problems and many other problems. Their deaths are not only a tragedy but a national loss. This young man is a SISD graduate and that makes me proud. I believe we have more Andrews in the community. I want to cultivate more Andrews. Andrew type students are my real motivators!


3. What are some of the highlights you’ve experienced serving on the board of trustees?

The firing of a superintendent was a near traumatic experience. I have fired many employees but hearing the details that led me to vote for the superintendent’s termination was bad! I felt bad for the victim. The hiring of our current superintendent made me feel happy. Perhaps elated is closer to how I felt. Let’s give him time and I believe he will make us proud!

4. Please share one word to describe how you feel about serving the students and staff of SISD.