Teacher Spotlight

Maegan MedranoSeguin ISD's third Teacher Spotlight feature showcases Maegan Medrano, third grade teacher at Koennecke Elementary School.


1. Describe your teaching career at Seguin ISD.


I started my dream job teaching third grade math at Koennecke Elementary in January of 2016. Since then, I have been teaching third grade students to fall in love with math just as I have through engaging activities, catchy songs, and challenging them with logical thinking.


2. How do you instill rigor and relevance in your classroom?


I instill rigor and relevance in my classroom by ingraining the habit of looking for understanding in all math problems. My students are not just satisfied with giving a simple answer, they justify their answers using academic vocabulary, hands on approaches, and logical reasoning.


3. As an educator, you cultivate, inspire and empower. What does this mean to you?


As an educator, I have a passion for inspiring and empowering my students to be the best they can be by teaching them to set goals, be responsible for their future, and reflect on their learning. Our kids need teachers who see their potential and empower them to follow their dreams. I believe we are one of the most important people who should prepare and encourage students to become problem solvers and creative thinkers. In doing so, we should create a student centered classroom where kids have the opportunity to voice their point of views and lead rigorous discussions.


Thanks for all you do at Koennecke, Maegan! #MatadorFamily