Seguin ISD to offer Pre K for All

Seguin ISD has rolled out a new pre-kindergarten program to offer four-year-olds an educational boost prior to kindergarten.


The pilot program, dubbed Pre-K for All, will open its doors Jan. 9 at Patlan Elementary School.


“We are excited about this new initiative that will give parents options for their future kindergarteners. Pre-K for All is a tuition based, full day program that we are offering as an alternative to traditional day care. Students in Pre-K for All will be immersed in the elementary school culture, taught by a TEA certified teacher and ultimately be prepared for kindergarten next fall,” said Dr. Matthew Gutierrez, Seguin ISD superintendent.


He noted that there are differences between the free pre-kindergarten program at Ball Early Childhood Center and the new one slated for Patlan, with a $500 per month tuition.


“Our pre-kindergarten program at Ball has been a successful, solid foundation for thousands of students over the years. Under the Ball model, students must meet certain state and/or federal enrollment requirements for acceptance. The state of Texas will only fund a half day program for these students. Further, some of these students qualify for an additional half day of pre-k through the federally funded Head Start program,” he said.


Because Pre-K for All at Patlan is being offered without state or federal enrollment requirements, the program is open to a wider student base although enrollment is limited.


“A result of creating this program without being tied to state and federal funding is the need to charge tuition to cover the cost of the program, namely the teacher and other associated costs required to operate a classroom and provide a learning environment. This will not be a money making venture for Seguin ISD. Rather, it is an opportunity for those four-year-olds who cannot attend Ball to attend an equally rigorous, full day program at Patlan that is competitively priced with day care,” he said. Currently, parents may pre-register for the program by completing an online form at The registration date is scheduled for Jan. 7 at Patlan Elementary School, 2501 Breustedt St.


Registration forms may be downloaded at .