Dr. G's Summer Reading Initiative Update

Here are the Top 10 readers in the Seguin Reads! Superintendent's Summer Reading Initiative.


Meagan Martinez, Jefferson, 138 books, 1,462 minutes

Isaiah Ramirez, Weinert, 116 books, 1,327 minutes

Caleb Hernandez, Weinert, 89 books, 621 minutes

Hunter Hill, Koennecke, 81 books, 1,154 minutes

Fallyn Moya, McQueeney, 81 books, 573 minutes

Ayla Clark, McQueeney, 76 books, 479 minutes

Ashton Herrera, Rodriguez, 74 books, 405 minutes

Eden Casarez, McQueeney, 73 books, 437 minutes

Nicholas Magallanes-Henson, Jefferson, 71 books, 204 minutes

Molly Burns, Weinert, 70 books, 336 minutes


Congratulations to these super readers and keep up the great work! All Seguin ISD students have access to myON as part of the Seguin Reads! Superintendent’s Summer Reading Initiative. The community has free access to this digital library as well! Check out myON at https://www.myon.com. To log in and read, the login credentials are School Name: Seguin ISD Community, Username: seguin and Password: reads