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Information Systems and Instructional Technology
Information Services and Communications
The duties and responsibilities for the Information Services, Communications and Technical Support Department include:
Management of the Data Center Reconfigure hardware, install operating system software updates, maintain security control, evaluate system performance, initiate system upgrades

Coordination of SISD PEIMS Reporting Set and maintain time lines for PEIMS processing, capture PEIMS data, maintain data integrity (verification and editing), merge student and financial/personnel data, submit PEIMS data to Region XIII and other appropriate agencies.

Direct Student Attendance Accounting Insure data integrity, print attendance scan sheets, print student schedules and schedule reports, print student transcripts for high school, run honor rolls for high school and middle schools, calculate rank and GPA for high school.

Management of TEAMS Software Establish work areas, maintain users, maintain user assignments, coordinate program changes, install software updates, maintain software and data backups, and perform system operator functions.

Management of Access to District Digital Resources Develop and execute security rolls for sensitive data systems.

Management of District Computers Maintenance Install hardware, provide instruction, coordinate vendor support, troubleshoot problems, provide local repair, provide preventative maintenance.

Provide Software Support for Applications Perform help desk functions, provide instruction, create graphic images, evaluate software updates, maintain virus control, upgrade user software.

Management of Data Communications Systems Administer telephone budgets, interface with telephone vendors, evaluate modem user needs and establish connectivity, provide FAX user training and configuration setup.

Direct Management Information Services Assign tasks, coordinate and meet user requests, evaluate staff performance, and maintain budget.

Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) Management Administer, troubleshoot, configure, and maintain the LANs and WAN.

INTERNET Connection Issue user accounts, administer, train, troubleshoot, configure and maintain the domain name server to the THENET connection.