A leader to me means having goals, being positive, a person who loves to help others, being organized and always working hard for the things you want. A person I aspire to be would be my grandma who has always told me to work hard for the things I want, never give up, everything I do is for my future and that any decision I make could have either good or bad consequences. Everything I define as a leader would definitely be my grandma.


I’m not heavily involved in any extracurriculars besides being part of the Interact Club. But, I am working hard to graduate with my associate degree when I graduate high school. I would consider that I'm being a leader by working hard with school grades and trying to be positive.


What I enjoy doing in my free time is usually experimenting with my makeup. I do love colors so I like to draw. My favorite movie is Instructions Not Included which is a very emotional but happy movie. My favorite food is chicken enchiladas my mom makes. They are super delicious!


In the future, I really wish to travel to many countries. I want to be able to not only have one job for the rest of my life but to help people and be in organizations related to that. My career goals are to be in business management or pursue the field of architecture.