Seguin ISD sees growth in preliminary state accountability ratings

Steady improvement in Seguin ISD schools is the big takeaway in preliminary state accountability data, with six campuses earning a B rating. Patlan and Rodriguez elementary schools jumped two letter grades, improving from D to B. Jefferson Elementary and Mercer-Blumberg Learning Center (MBLC), formerly C schools, also improved to the B rating. Koennecke and McQueeney elementary schools maintained their B ratings.


“I am proud that we have six B campuses in Seguin ISD. With four of the six improving one to two letter grades, it shows that we are making progress in our classrooms. Our teachers are providing instruction with fidelity and our campus administrators are using the strategic plan as their daily blueprint. This preliminary accountability data represents our best campus ratings since 2010. Improvement is happening and it is imperative that we continue to build upon it.” said Dr. Matthew Gutierrez, Seguin ISD superintendent.


Notable increases include a 19 point jump at Rodriguez, 17 points at MBLC, 16 points at Patlan and 13 points at Vogel Elementary.


“These double digit increases in performance are outstanding,” he said.


Vogel is projected to move from a D to a C while Weinert Elementary and Seguin High School will likely keep their C ratings.


Barnes and Briesemeister middle schools will likely not be rated, although both schools are expected to increase six points each.


“Eight of our 12 campuses in the accountability system have improved at least six points. Clearly, we are going in the right direction. Our short term goal is that each Seguin ISD school earns at least a B rating. Thanks to our teachers and campus administrators, we are headed that way but still have plenty of work ahead of us,” he said.


The state accountability system began assessing campuses with letter grades in 2019. Campuses were not officially assessed during the 2020 and 2021 school years due to the COVID pandemic.


While the current 2022 campus accountability data is preliminary, the Texas Education Agency will release official ratings on Aug. 12.