ECHS Spotlight

Kameron Ridgeway


Kameron Ridgeway is a 2018 Matador graduate and a @Texas Lutheran University graduate.


What major/minor are you pursuing at your current college/university OR did you earn?


EC-6 Core subjects w/ ESL and 4-8 Mathematics.


What type of impact did ECHS have on your current role as a college student?


I was able to graduate from a four-year university early and begin working in education right after high school. I met some of my favorite teachers, mentors, and friends through this program.


What was one of the most valuable lessons you learned as a Seguin ECHS student?


I learned that I am responsible for my own education and can seek help everywhere I turn, as long as I put forth the effort. You can do great things when surrounded by the right people.


Describe an inspirational moment or person during your time as an ECHS student?


The AVID teacher and tutors I have had in the past really had an impact on who I am as a person. They were always there for me when I needed them and supported me in all of my endeavors.


What advice do you have for current ECHS students?


The most important advice I can give is to take advantage of every opportunity for growth and learning, don’t let anything slip away from you.


If you could give current eighth graders insight to the benefits of being an ECHS student, what would you say?


ECHS is a wonderful opportunity for you to succeed. It may seem like something extra you don’t want to do or don’t need, but everyone can benefit from taking part in the program no matter who you are or where you come from.


What is your long term goal after you finish your degree OR what are you currently doing now that you have completed your bachelor's degree?


I am currently teaching sixth grade Leadership, seventh and eighth grade AVID at Barnes Middle School. I am also a Senior Tech for the Matador Colorguard.