A message from Dr. Gutierrez

We are at a critical point due to the increasing COVID cases we are seeing in our school and community. The threat of a school or district closure becomes increasingly real each day with the possibility of not having enough staff to support educating our students. Our students are not immune to COVID slide, and they need to be in our classrooms everyday.


During the 2020-2021 school year, we had a total of 238 positive student COVID cases and 108 positive staff COVID cases. As of today, we have had a total of 147 positive student COVID cases and 23 positive staff cases. If trends continue as they have in the past few weeks, we will surpass last year’s total cases in the coming days. Masks were mandated last school year, and I firmly believe that they made the difference.


I hear from those demanding we defy the Governor’s orders and those demanding we not defy the Governor on a daily basis. There is no consensus regarding masks, and last year’s survey data was no different than the current sentiments.


We must all make choices, and I understand that we will all never be on the same page. However, there is so much at stake here when the possibility of school closure is imminent. When a closure takes place we must make up the lost instructional minutes by reducing holidays such as Thanksgiving, Spring Break, teacher half-days, or Summer Break. These changes are disruptive to plans that are already in place and are difficult on teachers.


Wearing a mask is oftentimes uncomfortable, especially during these hot and humid days, but they can make the difference to ensure our schools remain open and safe. I am writing this to encourage you to consider wearing a mask or sending your child to school with a mask. I believe that all of us want our students in school.


Seguin ISD will do everything we can to stop the spread of COVID, and we ask you as families to do your part as well. Together we can change current trends and get back to a sense of normalcy.


Dr. Matthew Gutierrez
Seguin ISD Superintendent