Seguin ISD to gift aging technology to students

Seguin ISD is poised to give away hundreds of electronic devices such as laptops and desktop computers to students in the coming weeks. A resolution based on board policy CQC and the Texas Education Code was unanimously approved by the school board on July 14. The measure allows district administration to transfer surplus technology equipment to students in need.


In the past, Seguin ISD has had to pay a recycler to dispose of obsolete technology. With this particular batch of devices, it is a win-win for students and the district, said Superintendent Dr. Matthew Gutierrez.


“Access to technology is one of the biggest obstacles our students face, and this was compounded during the spring 2020 closure of schools. Creating opportunities for students to access devices at home will only help those students academically,” he said.


He noted that administration will work with campus principals to identify students who can best benefit from technology in their home. The technology equipment, while obsolete for future district use, still functions and will likely continue to work for student use for the next year or two, according to Bill Lewis, Seguin ISD chief operating office/associate superintendent.


“While the equipment has no resale value, it still has functional life that is best suited for students who do not have access to technology at home. Prior to distribution, we will erase the hard drives of data, remove the item from district inventory and then distribute to students who can put the item to good use,” he said.


Once the item is transferred to a student, the district cannot maintain or repair it.


Information about eligibility and pick up procedures will be shared with families in August.