Associate degrees earned by 19 Seguin High School Class of 2020 grads

Five years ago, 19 Seguin ISD middle school students had a dream to earn a diploma and associate degree during their four years at Seguin High School. That dream is now a reality thanks to the Seguin Early College High School (ECHS) program.


Seguin ISD partnered with Alamo Colleges – St. Philip’s College in 2014 to create an opportunity for Seguin High School students to learn at a level above and beyond the traditional high school experience. The Seguin ECHS allows students to earn college credits, free of charge, through their high school coursework. For students who take the most rigorous path in the program, the result is a Seguin High School diploma and a St. Philip’s College associate degree after four years as a Matador.


Seguin High School Class of 2020 seniors who achieved this prestigious honor are Kassandra Acuna, Carmen Bower, AJ Burns, Norma Chapa, Dalton Ferris, Selena Gutierrez, Shelby Lee, Kayla Lopez, Haley Lozano, Joseph Lutz, Lilian Martinez-Espinoza, Guadalupe Narvaez, Andrea Noriega, Tim Polcyn, Logan Procknow, Esperanza Rocha, Virginia Sierra, Sierra Soto and Maria Valdez Morales.


Since the Early College High School program is free for Seguin High School students, the cost savings realized by families is significant, according to Anna Lisa Garza, director of Seguin ECHS.


“These 19 Seguin ECHS students earned more than 60 college credits for a savings of $12,900 per student in tuition and fees. As a group, the Class of 2020 ECHS students earned over 1,150 credits, saving their families more than $245,100, she said.


“During their junior and senior years, these students were classified as full-time college students. I am extremely proud of them and applaud the amount of work and dedication they put forth over the last four years.”


Dating back to 2018, this is Seguin ISD's third cohort of Seguin ECHS students who have simultaneously earned a diploma and associate degree through the program.


“Normally, these students would have participated in the annual St. Philip's College graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ceremony was canceled. However, our students are invited to participate in the St. Philip's College December graduation ceremony as official associate degree recipients. Even though we weren't able to celebrate our students at the St. Philip’s ceremony this spring, we are still extremely proud of their achievements and plan to honor them in a variety of other ways,” said Seguin High School Principal Dr. Hector Esquivel.


Seguin ISD eighth grade students who are interested in the Seguin ECHS program are encouraged to contact Garza at 830-401-8000, ext. 30712.