Throwback Thursday

Juan SeguinJuan Nepomuceno Seguin was born on October 27, 1806, in San Antonio, Texas. His parents were Erasmo and Maria Flores Seguin. At that time, Texas was a part of Mexico. Erasmo was postmaster General of Bexar and may have established Los Nogales as a postal drop. Later, he was Mayor of San Antonio.


As a young man, Juan Seguin met and became friends with some of the Anglo settlers coming into Texas. He and his father were particularly friendly with Moses Austin and his son Stephen F. Austin. As relations between the new Texans and the Mexican government became strained, he realized that he believed in the Texas cause to become independent. He became a hero of the Texas Revolution.


In 1839, the citizens of a community called Walnut Springs voted to change the name of their town to honor Juan Seguin. On February 25, 1839 “Seguin” was formally named. Juan Seguin Elementary school was named in honor of Colonel Juan N. Seguin, a great Mexican-Texan and a distinguished leader of the Republic of Texas. Seguin valued the richness of our bilingual and multicultural area. Juan Seguin Pre-Kindergarten began as the Hispanic elementary school in Seguin, then became an integrated elementary school. In 1987-88 the campus became a kindergarten school and in 1998 the campus housed kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students until kindergarten classes were moved to each K-5 elementary campus in 1999.