Early College High School Program

College and Career Ready Pathways

College Ready: Earn a high school diploma and be college ready

Career Ready: Level 1 Certificate for highly skilled, high paying job opportunities and a high school diploma

Core Complete: Up to 42 college credits and a high school diploma

Associates Degree: Students can simultaneously earn an Associates Degree or 60 college credits and a high school diploma

These pathways will insure that students are college and career ready upon graduation.
I want my high school experience to be:
College and Career Ready Pathways
Next steps after graduating from Seguin High School
I am not certain of my future plans but I would like to have all options open to me after I graduate high school. College Ready:
High school + TSI Ready = College Ready
Enter a 2-year college and complete a certificate, associates degree or apply to a 4-year college.
I am not sure if college is in my future but I would like to earn a certification that I can use to find a good job after high school. Career Ready:
High School + Level 1 Certificate or up to 42 college credits - Career Ready
Enter the workforce and/or enter a 2-year college with college credit and complete an Associate’s degree or apply to a 4-year college.
I would like to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, band, FFA and possibly others. However, I would like to earn college credit hours that I can use toward an Associates degree or bachelors degree after high school. Core Complete:
High school + 3 to 42 college credits = Core Complete
Complete an Associate’s degree at a 2-year college or apply to a 4-year college.
I do not plan to participate in extracurricular activity that involves a lot of after school hours but might join a club or organization. I would like to focus on academics and complete an Associates Degree by the time I graduate.
Associates Degree:
High school + 60 college credits = Associates degree
Apply to a 4-year college to earn a bachelor’s degree.
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