Office of the Deputy Superintendent 
Deputy Superintendent
Dr. Guadalupe C. Gorordo

Deputy Superintendent Secretary 
Monica Polasek


Welcome to the Seguin ISD Office of the Deputy Superintendent under the leadership of  Dr. Guadalupe C. Gorordo  - position first implemented in 2014 - 2015.  As the first, Deputy Superintendent, and in shared partnership with the District’s Leadership Team, we are committed to transforming the district into a progressive and leading district in central Texas serving approximately 7,396 students in 13 campuses.  In this position, Dr. Gorordo assists the Superintendent largely in the task of providing leadership in developing, achieving, and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services. Under the direction of the Superintendent, she shares in the development, application, and interpretation of school and administrative policies. 

Understanding that education is dynamic and in continuous progress, Seguin ISD has developed a plan for transforming the district aligned to the increasing standards in the state accountability system and the implementation of the State Assessments of Academic Skills (STAAR) and the End of Course (EOC).  Through the theme of Pulling Together by John J. Murphy, the “Framework for Student Success” was developed – Every Child – Effective Teacher in Every Classroom, Effective Principal in Every Campus, Rigorous and Relevant Instruction, and Data-based Accountability (Shannon, G.S. & Bylsma, P. (2004). 

Transforming Seguin ISD is a multiyear effort, and it will require our endurance and shared dedication to stay centered on the issues that have the greatest potential to improve the academic performance of our students. This dedication extends to our teachers, parents, and students to support quality teaching and learning in order to achieve academic success for EVERY student. This responsibility is a Seguin ISD effort for our successes and challenges. The District is confident that through outstanding campus leadership and the delivery of quality instruction from all teachers, Seguin ISD will carry on its history of academic excellence. 
 In the service of the Children of Seguin ISD,

Guadalupe C. Gorordo, PhD
Deputy Superintendent

 A team is a group of people who function together in an extraordinary way, who trust one another, who compliment each other’s strengths and compensate for each other’s limitations, who have common goals that are larger than individual goals, and who produce extraordinary results.
Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline