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Business Services - 2018-2019 Vision Insurance
Seguin Independent School District offers vision insurance through the Superior Vision.

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 Monthly Premium
 Employee Only $6.80
 Employee/Spouse $11.58
 Employee/Children $12.22
 Employee/Family $18.39

Discount Features
Non-Covered Eyewear Discount:  Members may also receive a discount of 20% from a participating provider's usual and customary fees for eyewear purchases which exceed the benefit coverage (except disposable contact lenses, for which no discount applies).  This includes eyeglass frames which exceed the selected benefit coverage, specialty lenses (i.e. progressives) and lens "extras" such as tints and coatings.  Eyewear purchased from a Walmart Vision Center does not qualify for this additional discount because of Walmart's "Always Low Prices" policy.
Employee Benefits

 In-Network   Out-of-Network
Exam Covered in full Up to $35 retail
Frames  $100 retail allowance Up to $55 retail
Lenses (standard) per pair    
 Single Vision  Covered in full  Up to $25 retail
 Bifocal  Covered in full  Up to $40 retail
 Trifocal  Covered in full  Up to $45 retail
 Progressive  See description1  Up to $45 retail
 Lenticular  Covered in full  Up to $80 retail
Contact Lenses2  $125 retail allowance  Up to $65 retail
Medically Necessary Contact Lenses  Covered in full  Up to $150 retail
 Co-pays apply to in-network benefits; co-pays for out-of-network visits are deducted from reimbursements
1Covered to provider's in-office standard retail lined trifocal amount; member pays difference between progressive and standard retail lined trifocal, plus applicable co-pay
2Contact lenses and related professional services (fitting, evaluation and follow-up) are covered in lieu of eyeglass lenses and frames benefit.