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Business Services 
1221 East Kingsbury Street 
Seguin, Texas 78155 
Fax: (830) 379-3689

No Current Online Auction

Seguin ISD Auction Procedures

The District participates in a public auction to dispose of obsolete property and equipment. The online auction is hosted through Lemons Auctioneers at All items need to be separated into two groups, Technology Items and Non-Technology Items. Procedures for processing both groups for auction are as follows: 

Technology Items: 

Definition of Technology items: Computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, laptops, printers, fax machines, scanners, TVs, VCRs, record players, overhead projectors, cameras/camcorders, iPods, TV carts, projectors, or external floppy drives/CD ROMs/tape drives.

Non-Technology Items:

  1. Identify Auction Items 
    1. Campus staff will identify all inventory items on your campus for the upcoming auction.
    2. Separate Technology items from all other items.  
  2. Transfer of Assets Form 
    1. List all auction items on NCR Fixed Asset Transfer Form using a separate form for Technology items.
    2. Complete forms by indicating the disposition codes (i.e. working, non-working, etc.)
    3. Items not listed correctly on the fixed Asset transfer form will not be picked up.
    4. Forward all complete forms to the Risk Management Office
    5. TC’s and Librarians will mark all technology items in the IT database for Auction.  
  3. Pick-up of Auction Items 
    1. Using the Fixed Asset Transfer forms submitted to the Risk Management Office, the Maintenance department will begin their pickup of items that are not technology items.
    2. Using all Fixed Asset Transfer forms for technology auction items submitted to the Risk Management Office, the Technology Department staff will pick up technology items that are marked and separated by working or non-working.
    3. REMINDER – Items not listed on the FA Transfer form will not be picked up.  
  4. In – District Transfer of Auction Items 
    1. The Risk Management Office will generate a District Auction List.
    2. The District Auction List will be distributed to all campuses for review.
    3. A one day preview will be provided to in-district employees.
    4. A Fixed Asset Form, approved by the Principal/Supervisor, will be needed for transfer of any items to a campus from the auction site.
  5. Auction 
    1. A one day public viewing will be scheduled.
    2. Employees may attend the public viewing and may purchase items for personal use only.
    3. The online auction will remain open for ten days.
    4. Highest bidder must pick up their auction items within a week after the auction closes.