Early College High School Spotlight

Micaela GutierrezSeguin High School graduate Micaela Gutierrez is currently attending Texas State University and majoring in English with a minor in secondary education. She has shared the following insight into her Early College High School (ECHS) experience at Seguin High School.


What type of impact did ECHS have on your current role as a college student?

I feel like I am a lot more prepared than other incoming freshmen. The dual credit classes I took helped me get an idea of how an actual college class would be. Also, I am classified as a junior and am expected to graduate in December 2021. If I did not take any dual credit classes, I would have had to graduate in 2023.


What was one of the most valuable lessons you learned as a Seguin ECHS student?

I learned to be more proactive and think about my future. When I compare the mindset I had my freshman year to the mindset I had my senior year and now, I see how much I’ve grown. I am constantly trying to better myself and I am always asking myself “What am I doing now that will contribute to my future goals?” and I thank ECHS for that.


What advice do you have for current ECHS students?

My advice would be to power through and realize how good this program can be. It does get tough sometimes but in the end it’s worth it. Just think of your end goal and how happy you’ll be once you either get your associate degree or earn college credit.


If you could give current 8th graders insight to the benefits of being and ECHS student, what would you say?

ECHS completely transformed my life for the better. I met some amazing people, learned valuable lessons, and I felt extremely prepared when I entered college. Choosing to participate in this program will help set you up for success.


What is your long term goal after you finish your degree?

Once I get my degree, I want to be either a high school English teacher or an AVID teacher. Then I eventually want to get my master’s degree so I can be a principal one day down the line.