Teacher Spotlight

Allison James1. Describe your teaching career at Seguin ISD.


I am currently teaching in my fifth year for Seguin ISD, which makes a total of 23 years in education. I accepted a kindergarten position at Koennecke Elementary in 2016. I looped up to first grade with my students for the 2017 year. After six years of teaching primary, I wanted to move back up into the intermediate grades and accepted a position in fourth grade at Rodriguez Elementary. I again looped up and am now teaching fifth grade for the second year at Rodriguez.


2. How do you instill rigor and relevance in your classroom?


Through purposeful planning, I make sure that every student is engaged and involved in answering open-ended questions. Students are able to think beyond what is handed to them. I allow students to create their final "show what you know" in a way that is meaningful to them. The questioning has been key. To listen to the students ask each other questions that I had not thought of and give deeper meaning to their learning is exciting.


3. As an educator, you cultivate, inspire and empower. What does this mean to you?


We are building citizens who need to be successful members of their community. As a teacher, I am here to help my students believe that they "can" do anything they put their minds to. I hear so many "I can't do it's" in the course of a week. I want my students walking out the door feeling empowered and knowing that they can. In my classroom, I tell my students that, "Can't never could do anything." They laugh at this, but it is so true. I hope my students walk out of my classroom feeling like they can do anything.