Seguin ISD Visioning 2010
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ESC Region 20 at 210-370-5498
Over 70 Community Members, Business Owners, Parents, Seguin ISD Staff and Students Embark on Creating a Vision of the Future for Seguin ISD.

On October 4th, the SISD Board room was full, as over seventy Seguin ISD stakeholders including business owners, parents, staff, students, and interested community members came together to begin to shape a vision for the future of Seguin ISD. This process will continue with the group meeting through November and presenting their vision to the Seguin ISD Board of Trustees before the end of the fall semester.

Introductions came first, as each individual took their turn to share who they are in the local community, be it a parent, student, employee of the district or business professional; and what they are passionate about. These passions ranged from connecting students with achieving their goals, to family, to moving Seguin forward. However broad the range of interests in the group, one common theme linked all in the room together – everyone expressed a genuine interest in doing what is best for the children of this community.

Another striking fact about the committee was the diversity of its members. Students as young as fifteen sat side-by-side with adults, some relatively new to the area, and some who have made Seguin their home for multiple generations. Community members from all walks of life – parents with kids both still in school and who had graduated, business owners and executives from companies in the area, retired district staff and current teachers and administrators, students just beginning high school as well as current seniors – all working together in groups trying to get to the same answer – “What do we want Seguin ISD to look like in 2020?”

This answer was explored in small groups of 7-8 people who brainstormed what the future would bring to Seguin and to Seguin ISD. The responses were framed into four categories: students, instruction, teachers, and environment/community/time. Each group discussed their ideas about what each category will look like in ten years followed by presentations from each small group on two of their categories to the group as a whole. Their thoughts were displayed on the walls throughout the board room.

Some common themes that were presented were as follows:
- In the future, diversity and being able to work together will continue to be an important part of every aspect of human life.
- Technology will continue to advance making it important for educators, students and parents to advance in their knowledge and utilization of technology.
- The global community will continue to get smaller through the utilization of technology allowing for faster, better and more comprehensive communication.
- Career and college readiness will go hand-in-hand in ensuring success for students. Emphasis must be placed on preparing students for success in either higher education or a career through specialized training.
- A holistic approach to health and fitness will have to be a priority for students, parents and educators.

The group worked hard for all three hours that they were together that evening, and even took homework with them to prepare for the next week’s meeting. Next week, the group will read and discuss current trends that will effect education and society as a whole and will work through relevant reading material to spur discussion and future brainstorming regarding issues that will have the greatest impact on the future of both the community of Seguin and Seguin ISD.